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Mr. Carl Lok was born in Hong Kong. He graduated from Hong Kong Chingying Institute of Visual Arts in 1988 with a Certificate in Commercial Design. He then started his career as a professional photographer. In 1991, Lok himself established V8 Production to enroll in commercial photography and graphic design service till today.

Photography is an art of capturing light on film. In the past when photographs were taken on silver-halide plate, photography was an art needed to be mastered with great technique, care and respect. Thanks to the revolution of digital imaging technology, photography has now transformed into an art hobby which can be enjoyed by the general public. The popularization of photography, however, has also brought tremendous challenges to the profession in commercial photo shooting for people have become willing to compromise on quality for quantity and price; some of them may have even mistaken photographs of high resolutions for those of high quality.

It has never been Lok’s practice to predetermine any plan for photo-shooting. He believes in the principle that the best photograph through which photographers could communicate with their readers must be the one taken by them under absolute concentration. Kichisaburo Anzai-san, the photographer who had taken 122 covers of Stereo Sound”, an authoritative magazine on audio products in Japan which Carl has always regards as an important reference, shared his experience in an article titled “Audible Cover”in Issue No. 150 of Stereo Sound that he aimed to take photos which could vividly speak for the products of his clients. 

By focusing himself on the composition of a photograph in the studio, he would be able to accurately capture the essence of the products. Therefore, Anzai-san would not draw any plans for photo-shooting before entering into the studio. Lok shares Anzai-san’s ideology professional photo shooting. His approach to handle the photo-shooting projects for covers of “Hi Fi Review”, which is an authoritative magazine on audio products in HK, and other commercial products are essentially the same as the one adopted by Anzai-san, they are observation, feeling, composition and shooting.




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