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As a special photography studio for top-level audio equipment, our workplace is especially equipped with audio playback area.  Before shooting related audio equipment, we’ll connect them to play and listen to the sound from the equipment. The only objective is to communicate with the audio equipment and find out the best view angle and the nicest lighting spot.


This is the atmosphere to ensure that we have captured the essences of the equipment design and mastered its unique sound feature. In final stage, the design and feature will be presented in photo of which readers would be impressed and unforgettable for its vitality with a first glance. Over the past two decades, we have shot photos for a large number of top brand audio equipments; with total value over billion dollars. Some of our shooting top brands are: 


Accuphase, Acoustic Arts, Acoustic Energy, Acoustic Solid, Acoustic Harmony, ADAM Professional Audio, ADCOM, Aerial Acoustics, AET Individual Design, Alchemist, Analysis Plus, Arcam, Ascendo, Audio Aero, Audio Analogue, Audio Note (UK), Audio Physic , Audio Research, Amazon.Audio Space, Avalon, Avance, Ayre Acoustics, Alto-Extremo, Audio Pattern, AVM, Audionet, AAD, AAD by Phil Jones, Blue Room, B & K Components, Bladelius Design Group, B2, Boulder, BOSE, Boston Acoustics, Bow Technologies, Bowers & Wilkins, Bryston, Burmester.


Cabasse, Counterpoint, Cambridge Audio, Canton, Chario, Chord Company, Classe Audio, Cello, Creek Audio, CSE, Cyrus, dCS, Densen, Dynaudio, Dynaco, Dego, EAR-Yoshino, EgglestonWorks, Elac, Euro Audio Team, EMM Labs, EMT Studiotechnik, Expectpower, Energy, Epos, Esoteric, Eventus Audio, Exposure, Edge, Fadel Art, finite elemente, Focal, Focus Audio, German Physiks, Goldmund, GRAAF , Gryphon Audio Designs, GutWire Audio Cables, Grand View Screen, Harbeth, Halcro.


Jadis Electronics, Jeff Rowland, JL Audio, JR Transrotor, JPS Labs, Kimber Kable, Kripton, Klipsch, Krell, Kojo, Lamm Industries, Lehmannaudio, Lindemann, Linn, Luxman, Lyngdorf Audio, Marten Design, Marantz, Mark Levinson, Martin Logan, Matisse, Matthew James - Cello Audio Systems, mbl, McIntosh, Meridian, Miller & Kreisel Sound, MIT, Mørch, Mordaunt-Short, MSB, Music Tools , Musical Fidelity, Myryad Hi Fi. My Sonic Lab, ModWright, NAD, NAGRA, NAIM, Nakamichi, anotec Systems, Nordost, NuForce, Northstar Design, Octave, Opera Loudspeakers, Pass Labs, Pathos, Phase Tech, Piega, Pi Greco, Platinum Audio, PMC, Primare Systems, Perreaux, Proceed, Penaudio, Purist Audio Design, QED, Quick Silver Audio.


Rosso Fiorentino, Raysonic, Red Rose Music, Roksan, Revel, Richard Gray's Power Company, Rogers, Rogue Audio, Rotel, Schroers & Schroers, Shelter, Siltech Audio Cables, Sim audio, SIM2, Sigma Acoustic, Sonance, Sonic Frontiers, Sonus Faber, Sutherland, Soulution, Sound Master, Sound Mechanics, Spendor Audio Systems, Sunfire, Sunwave, Sherwood, Stage III Cable. TacT Audio, Tannoy, TAOC, Teac, Theta Digital, Thiel Audio, Talon, Transparent Audio, Trigon Audio, T + A, Thorens, UltraLink, Ultrasone, Unison Research, Van Den Hul, Vitus Audio, VooDoo, Veris, Valvet, Wadia, Weiss, Westlake Audio, Wharfedale, Wilson Benesch, XLO Electric, YG Acoustic, Zonotone.

Some of V8’s works have been deposited in the V8 Mamiya Leaf Gallery Works with home gallery at: www.mamiyaleaf.com/gallery/index.php#/content/2Photographers/Carl_Lok/




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