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V8 Production was established in Hong Kong in 1991.

In the early days of our operation, we mainly took industrial products for export as Hong Kong was an entrepot for international trade. During the film shooting period, we were committed to delivering photos within three days with materials received. At the same time, we provided corporate shooting services to large size enterprises. We established our reputation in photography industry with our trust and support from customers.


Our clients came from all walks of life, such as Sun Keung Printing, Gold Peak Group, Hang Seng Bank, Motorola and Hennessy Cognac.We offer a remake service to giant paintings. Paintings customers include Wucius Wong, Lau Chung Hang Alan, Tony Ng and so on. We are the gigantic slide photographer and film production services provider for Martell Cognac in South China region.


In 1993, we were the cover and onsite interview photography service provider for Absolute Hi Fi magazine. Thanks to the view angles were tactfully captured and light was spotted properly, the delicate textures of top audio equipment were recorded and expressed in our unique and highly stylized photos. As a consequence, our fine photos had aroused attention and interest from some famous Hong Kong high-end audio equipment importers and general agents who had assigned us to be their designated photographer and advertising agency.


The harmonious cooperation is still in progress today. Being a professional photography for top brands audio equipment, we have been providing satisfactory and professional photo shooting and layout designs services to our high valuable audio customers.


Since 2001, V8 has become the special cover photographer for the well-known audio magazine, Hi Fi Review, in Hong Kong. In order to focus more on creativity and pursuit the higher level effects and the state-of-the-art of photography, we have successfully transferred ourselves from a diversified photography service provider to professional and high-end audio equipment photography with digital and advertising production-based suppliers.

In 1994, we were equipped with Apple computers for digital printing film output;

In 1996, we used digital slide output for light box application;

In 1998, we applied DCB II Digital Back to replace film photography.

In 2005, we adopted the only standard of pre-printing, Star Proof, for digital printing. Customers first time saw the real color.


We use world class photography equipment which synchronizes with the international advertising industry. The advanced tools enable us to deliver high quality photos and layouts to our customers to get the best market share without any drawbacks.


Nowadays, we expand our photography service to jewelry industry, especially for diamond photo shooting.


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